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Robert Steele

Robert Steele

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07/25/15 08:11 AM #1    

Vicki Meece (Knowles)

Bob transferred in from Haddon Heights High School in 1964. After graduation he lived in Haddon Township and Camden.

07/26/15 12:50 PM #2    

Nelson Widell

Kathy and I spent alot of time with Bob Steele in the 70's. We had alot of laughs.

07/27/15 10:36 AM #3    

Josh Gitomer

“Plates” Steele was a good friend with whom I was lucky to spend a lot of time in his short tenure at HMHS. Unbeknownst to many, he was a remarkable athlete who excelled at any sport he tried. Don’t let his tiny frame fool you. Basketball, touch football, pool, golf – it didn’t matter, I could never beat him. 


Nearly every day after school in good weather, a group of us gathered behind the Methodist Church on the outdoor basketball courts. As our numbers grew, the games became quite organized, two or three half-court games going on at once. Then we heard that a similar group was playing on the outdoor court at the end of Estaugh (at Elm Street, the court is still there), and we challenged them to a game. It became a pretty big deal, known as The Methodist Church Boys vs. The Estaugh Dead-End Boys. We outnumbered them about 3-to-1 so we gave them home court advantage. We even had a fair number of spectators. Plates organized it, and painted a special gold-and-red warmup ball for our lay-up line. No offense to the Estaugh boys, but we totally out-classed them. They were bigger and stronger (one of the guys could dunk), but with our steady stream of fresh substitutions, we simply ran them into the ground, fast-breaking every chance we had. It was a great day and a major sports victory for a skinny, bench-riding athlete like me. And when I think back and smile about it now, I have Plates to thank. 


After school Bob was a real estate broker who helped a lot of folks find homes in Haddonfield. He was also a devoted husband who kept himself in great shape. Then shortly before our 25th reunion, in the winter of 1990, Bob came down with bacterial Meningitis that quickly took him. It was a shock to me and another great loss to our class. His nickname, by the way, came from his peculiar habit of eating ice cream on a plate, never a bowl. I miss this sweet man.


12/29/17 03:39 PM #4    

Rick Nicholson

Just finished reading several posts honoring many of our deceased classmates.  I was supprised to learn of Bob's passing.  My acquaintaince with Bob was brief ( as with so many of my HMHS classmates.......I arrived in Haddonfield in 1964 via BHS in Beaufort, South Carolina) .

I will always remember and appreciate Bob for his reserved sense of humor and his infectuous laugh.....I would " bum " rides home from USC with his then pride and joy.......little white Plymouth Valiant.  

Bob most assuredly was one of the "good guys" ....and I will always remember him !!

12/30/17 11:55 AM #5    

Vincent Summers

Bob used to like teasing me. Even as many did. He was very good-natured. But I was not close to him. Why I am commenting is to thank Josh Gitomer for his excellent and informative (not to say insightful) comment about Bob. You see, I had been informed (through gossip) that our school chum died an ignominious death. How happy I am to hear such was not the case at all. Wish I could recall the source of that blasted gossip! Sleep in peace, old guy!

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