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Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan

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08/07/15 07:45 PM #5    

Vicki Meece (Knowles)

Jill Hunter Burrill provided this wonderful picture of Anne with her daughter Michelle.

08/08/15 01:29 PM #6    

Josh Gitomer

Jill, Vicki, this is a great photo. Thanks for posting. Anne was a sweet as the day is long, and will remain forever young. 

08/08/15 02:31 PM #7    

Jane "Jill" Hunter (Burrill)

I found that photo on Anne's mother's Facebook page. Noreen Sullivan is a rock. Many grandchildren! She says things perk up when HMHS starts baseball practice on Radnor Field (her neighborhood).  What a great family.

08/09/15 10:30 AM #8    

Janet Haynes (Lehman)

I have seen Noreen many times at The Little Shop, as she was still sewing, at least until recently. She always remembers that I was in Anne's class at HMHS, even though she didn't know me then and I did not know Anne well. I feel like I have gotten to know Anne better through her mom than I did back then.

08/09/15 03:39 PM #9    

Vincent Summers

I really appreciate the photo as well.

08/10/15 11:30 AM #10    

Kathleen Howell (Starnes)

Jill, Vicki and Janet, thank you so much for sharing that beautiful picture and the wonderful comments from Anne's mother.   

03/02/16 12:58 AM #11    

Josh Gitomer

This was an email I received from Michele Carlson, daughter of Anne Sullivan Skernolis, who became a teacher in the same school where Anne had taught. 


“Hi Josh. Yes, I did teach in one of the same rooms that my mom had taught in.  The whole connection with her school is actually quite terrific.  I was on my way to my first Introductory to Education class at George Mason University.  I was really nervous because I was embarking on a complete career switch.  My son was 6 months old, so the idea of graduate school and an infant was daunting as well.  On the drive, I remember thinking that I really wished my Mom was around to talk to.  She had only been gone about a year and a half.  I thought, just give me a sign that I'm making the right choice.  When I got to the class, the professor walked in, I couldn't believe my eyes.  It was the Principal who had hired my Mom to teach at Bonnie Brae Elementary School.  I didn't know who was teaching the class when I enrolled, because it just said adjunct faculty.  She recognized me and during the break she told the class stories about my Mom.  I'd say that was a pretty clear sign.  


"My Mom was a gifted teacher and made a difference in many lives.  Just last month, I got a random message on Facebook from someone asking me if I was, by chance, related to Anne Skernolis.  This lady had said that she was answering some survey thing on FB that asked, "Who was your favorite teacher?"  She said she answered, Anne Skernolis, third grade at Bonnie Brae Elementary 1988-89.  That was the first year the school was opened.  After posting her response, she did a search to see if she could find my Mom and my name came up, so she reached out.  I wrote back and told her I was her daughter and shared that Mom had passed.  She shared some memories from third grade.  She said my Mom helped her learn to love math and she'd never forget how patient and kind she had been to her and her classmates.  I'd say to still be someone's favorite teacher after almost 30 years is one hell of a testimonial.  


"I'd love a copy of anything you share with your classmates.  I really appreciate you taking  the time to remember my Mom.  She was so modest. She would never believe that people were making such a fuss over her.  Thanks, Michele”

03/02/16 06:48 PM #12    

Linda Vurgason (Lilly)

Michele, You probably don't remember me. When you were 3, my daughter, who is a little younger than you, went to the Spectrum with you and your mom to see a Disney show. Unfortunately, we grew apart as our lives took different paths. I was able to reconnect with your mother before her passing. You were so lucky to have Anne as your mother. I have attached a picture from our first day of kindergarten at Christ the King School. Anne is in her signature hat and I'm on the left.


03/03/16 10:30 AM #13    

Bob Greenberg

With every comment to this website, I am overwhelmed. Just think of the impact our classmates have had on the world. Here, we learn the simple truth of the impact Anne's teaching had on one student, who is able to share her feelings, with Anne's daughter, who can pass that love to the next student. 

And we see a simple picture, of an era long gone, which needs no caption at all. 

Joni Mitchell said it to all of us: We are sunshine, we are golden. Looking forward to sharing all this with those of us who are lucky enough to still be here on April 15-16. 

04/20/16 02:27 PM #14    

Vicki Meece (Knowles)

Thank you, Jill Hunter Burrill, for sending these pictures of Anne's family.

Michelle and Anne, 1995

Anne's childen Matt and Michelle

Anne's memorial tree planted outside her school in Virginia

Anne's daughter Michelle, her husband, Dad, and childen

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