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Sandra Palmer

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08/05/15 08:20 PM #1    

Vicki Meece (Knowles)

Sandy died tragically in a crash on Warwick Road when we were juniors. I remember her as a bubbly, hilarious, beautiful girl who sat in front of me in gym class.

From The Evening Times, Trenton, N.J. Monday, March 1, 1965:

HADDONFIELD – a teenage boy and girl were killed Saturday night when their car went out of control and hit two trees. Police identified the victims as George T. Schumacher 19, and Sandra Palmer, 16, both of Haddonfield.


08/06/15 01:12 PM #2    

Nelson Widell

Sandy's grandmother was Lilian Albus who had women's stores in Haddonfield and Ocean City. I remember going to her birthday parties at Lilian Albus' home on Munn Lane in Cherry Hill.

08/06/15 02:36 PM #3    

Bob Greenberg

When I first met Dina, she was working at Lilian Albus for Sandy's Brother, Bill, who was running the store at that time. I believe he was 64 or 65, a very nice guy.

The night George and Sandy died is one I will never forget. One of those scarring and seminal moments that happens all too often to kids at that age. It was not by coincidence that those of us who had kids were so concerned every time they got behind the wheel at 17. Of course, when someone says to us "enjoy every day, you never know" now, it means something different than it did then. Way different. So it goes, my friends.

08/06/15 03:06 PM #4    

(Nancy) Justice Justice (Duncan)

Sandy Palmer lived on the corner of East Cottage and Spruce; next to Sandy lived Penny Vorlander Joss, and I lived next to Penny.  Sandy, Penny, and I would play croquet in Sandy's side yard.  If one of us hit the ball hard enough, it'd go through Sandy's yard, then into Penny's and into mine. At the age of 12 all of us thought this was hilarious and quite an accomplishment.  One of Sandy's best friends was also Cappie Wells who lived on Munn Lane and whom I had met at about the age of 13 at Sandy's birthday party.  What a surprise to find myself sitting next to Cappie Wells on a flight from Phila to Abq; and Cappie then drove me home to my place in Santa Fe where she also lived! Another great memory I have is of Sandy and me at her grandmother's (Lilian Albus) house in Ocean City.  Sandy's mom had cooked up a bunch of boiled crabs, seasoning them with way too much pepper for two young girls.  Sandy and I picked out the crab meat and kept trying to roll it up in napkins and the newspaper on the top of the table because we just could not eat the crab meat. She and I thought this was extremely clever and funny---don't know if Mrs. Palmer knew what we were doing on not.

02/25/16 09:36 PM #5    

Barbara Patterson (Dover)

My family lived about 4 or 5 blocks away. We heard that crash but had no idea...

I knew Sandy well in Jr. High and spent a lot of time at her grandmothers house. In high school I worked at Lillian Albus after school. Little did I know it was the 1st step to a career in merchandising.



02/26/16 09:12 AM #6    

Chuck Robson

Sandy; George and I had left a party in Oaklyn to drive Sandy home. Coming down Kings Highway, I told George to drop me off at the corner of Warwick so I could walk home from there. Lost two great friends a minute later.

02/26/16 12:10 PM #7    

Vincent Summers

Wow. I never knew that about Chuck Robson. That was a close one. I recall the Courier Post reported on the accident and George Sullivan wrote a letter to the editor complaining of misreporting. I wish we had a copy of that letter. Little did we know the tragedy that wold later affect George himself.

02/28/16 12:59 PM #8    

Robert Wilby

As I write this, having seen Vicki's post, I suddenly realized that the accident happened exactly 51 years ago, yesterday! It was the most traumatic event of my life, then and for many years to come.

I remember the night vividly as I was in the area (Methodist Church parking lot) when I heard a car roar by. Shortly afterward, a loud, distant bang, then the fire company airhorn. And, when the first fire engine went past the Methodist Church, we followed it as it was going toward my street! (My house was on Hickory Lane, three houses from Warwick Rd.) I will spare the details but when I got home shortly after, it was the first time my father ever offered me a drink - to settle me down!

We were all numb for days, weeks after. Even now it is still difficult to talk about. Life is so fragile - a hard lesson to learn at an early age.

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