In Memory

Helen Paules

Mrs. Paules studied at Oberlin College where she played clarinet and graduated with a degree in English. Her love of classical music stayed with her throughout her life and she could identify all the classical composers and their particular works. She was a respected and well loved English teacher at HMHS for many years and served as the faculty advisor for the Shield. Her summers were filled with hiking, camping, travel, and poetry courses at Temple University. The Transcendentalists (Emerson and Thoreau) in particular contributed to her appreciation of nature. She was devoted to teaching and enjoyed close friendships with several of her faculty colleagues. All three of her children, Ed, Sam, and Marian, graduated from HMHS. Later in life she and Floyd Paules divorced. Her second marriage was to Clyde Drissel. She died in 2005, in Lansdale, PA, at the age of 89.